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Why Digit?

Learn financial modelling from the professionals

Digit offers a range of financial modelling and analysis training to build your skills, and increase your modelling efficiency and effectiveness.

Choose Digit training because:

  • each Digit trainer is an industry professional with over 14 years of professional modelling experience in investment banking, consulting and/or industry
  • we are up to date with industry best practice and trends because we work in the real world, developing complex financial models for our clients daily
  • class sizes are small (about 10) and lots of one-on-one time is included
  • financial modelling and analysis is our business and this is the only kind of training we offer
  • we deliver training in over 13 locations, in 11 countries and can also come to you, wherever you are.

Increase your modelling and analysis skills with Digit training

Our training will teach you to develop accurate, flexible, transparent and professionally presented financial models.
All our training aims to help you:

  • increase your effectiveness – producing more flexible and insightful analysis
  • increase your efficiency – reducing the time it takes to produce analysis
  • reduce errors – by following robust structuring, design and construction techniques.

Your success is assured with our training approach

All our training programmes are designed to meet the needs of all learning styles and are:

  • practical – we only teach techniques and processes that you will use on a daily basis
  • structured – theory is reinforced with practical exercises and examples
  • hands on – you will put your learning into practice with practical exercises to build your skills
  • interactive – we encourage discussion and questions.

You will receive a training manual and example model for each course so you can refer to it in the future.

The proven quality of Digit’s training

We believe our training is the best in the industry. We survey all course participants so we can continue to improve:

  • 100% of those who have attended our training have agreed that it would increase their effectiveness and help reduce errors.
  • They also say that Digit training will, on average, save them an expected 20 – 30% of their analysis development time.

Digit Training Courses

Fundamentals of Financial Modelling and Valuations
Designed for investment analysts in banking, funds or corporate business, this course covers debt, working capital, CAPEX, integrated financial statements, investment appraisal measures, valuation methodologies and many more key areas required in investment modelling and analysis.  Details

Financial Modelling and Analysis Masterclass
Designed for business and corporate analysts wanting to develop their data analysis, forecasting, charting and data presentation skills. During this course you will develop a multi-divisional forecasting and reporting model, incorporating flexible data analysis. Details

Financial Modelling for Mining
This course is aimed at professionals who are responsible for the appraisal, development, management or analysis of mining projects. It focuses on developing a mine evaluation model suitable for senior management, external parties and financiers. Details

Visual Basic for Financial Models
A highly practical course aimed at those with no to moderate levels of Visual Basic (VBA) experience. This course covers many of the key aspects of coding structure and how to develop code to assist with automating repetitive tasks, optimisation, breaking circularities, and many more model enhancing processes.

Organisations we have trained

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Alinta Energy
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Louis Dreyfus

In-house and group courses

We can deliver any of our courses anywhere in the world. We can either travel to you or host the course in the most convenient place for your team.

Why should you consider in-house training?

  • Customised content – we can tailor the agenda to suit your exact needs and even incorporate data from your business into the practical exercises.
  • Locally hosted – we travel to you and present either locally or at your premises, reducing the time you spend out of the office.
  • Group size – as in-house courses are often smaller groups, there is even more one-on-one time with the trainer.
  • Costs saving – an in-house course is delivered for a fixed fee regardless of the number attending, and you benefit from added savings on travel, accommodation and time.

The in-house option is ideal for teams of six or more. To talk about whether an in-house course is right for your business, please contact John Stroud on or +61 2 8006 1728.